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The artwork packaging service includes three separate stages according to the specific needs of each artifact and to customer specifications.
Transportation of works of art, constitutes an extremely important, highly-demanding process, which is dealt with ultimate care, emphasizing on details. Transport in Artlock is made with new technology special vehicles.
Suspension of works of art is a procedure of the utmost significance, considering it promotes the artist’s creation like the finishing touch on a canvas. Having the highest respect for both the artistic creation as well the curator’s approach, all of us, in Artlock install the work of art in its every form. Through knowledge, safety, responsibility, state-of-the-art equipment and spirit of collaboration, we aspire to promote the artistic creation to the maximum degree, responding to both the
Artlock provides its clients with storage services, depending on their needs and requirements as well as those of their works of art. Its services range from conversion of space (to provide exclusive storage with a private room) to air-conditioned, controlled storage conditions.
A complicated procedure such as carrying out customs formalities, can be simplified thanks to Artlock’s customs know-how.



Exhibitions: Creative Encounters 2017, Michalis Katzourakis–Peggy Kliafa–Vassilis Gerodimos, Transformation of Matter

Venue: Averoff Art Gallery, Metsovo

Dates: 21/10/2017–15/1/2018


Exhibition: Christos Tzivelos, Modelling Phenomena

Venue: Benaki Museum Pireos

Dates: 07/12/2017-18/02/2018



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