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The Company

Artlock was established on 2nd May 2017 and provides services of packaging, transport and installation of artworks. Having many years of experience working in this field and having participated in a number of large-scale projects since 1997 until today in Greece and abroad, I felt the need to get a deeper insight into my field and make a larger contribution to it, a desire which led to the creation of Artlock.

Despite being new to the market, our company has already collaborated with several museums, institutions and galleries, such as The Floating Naval Museum Averof, the Zoumboulaki Gallery, the Gagosian Gallery, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, Pierides Museum, Benaki Museum, The House of Cyprus Cultural Centre, Vergos Auctions, etc.

Artlock covers a wide spectrum of services for the safe, responsible and completed packaging, transport and installation of artworks, while being flexible and adaptable to customer needs.

We are driven by our love and passion for our profession and our sole aim is to provide you with high-quality services and having you, the customers, as a priority.

Our experience and spirit is at your disposal.


Best regards,

George Boutros.