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Creative Encounters 2017

Creative Encounters 2017

Exhibitions: Creative Encounters 2017, Michalis Katzourakis–Peggy Kliafa–Vassilis Gerodimos, Transformation of Matter

Venue: Averoff Art Gallery, Metsovo

Dates: 21/10/2017–15/1/2018

Three sculpture installations of monumental scale are specially constructed and installed on the slopes of Yiniets in Metsovo and interact with the particular natural landscape, surrounded by vineyards.

At the same time, the gallery hosts three exhibitions with representative works of the three artists:

A retrospective exhibition of 55 works of Michalis Katzourakis

10 artworks of Peggy Kliafa and

10 artworks of Vassili Gerodimos’s last years of artistic creation

Transport and installation: Artlock